Make friends with beneficial birds and bugs

butterfly on a flower
Butterfly on a flower

Smart gardeners know that not all bugs and birds are pests. Some of them can be gardeners’ best friends. With Ontario’s new pesticide ban becoming law next spring, it’s important to learn how to use beneficial birds and bugs to help your garden grow pest-free – naturally!

For example, lady beetles are among the most beneficial insects for controlling harmful insect populations. Ladybeetles can be purchased, or you can attract lady beetles to your garden by providing a food source of pollen or nectar for them.

Special lures can encourage the presence of other beneficial insects, such as bees, soldier beetles, and parasitic wasps. These are available at garden centers or ask about suppliers in your area.

Consider placing bird and bat houses, bird feeders, and toad houses in your garden, which provide a welcome greeting for these insect-feeding predators. Planting ornamentals, such as butterfly bushes, and installing butterfly shelters will also attract pollinating butterflies to your garden.

Beautiful Butterflies & Flowers

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