Top ten tips for ‘greener’ garden maintenance

Child playing on the lawn
Flowers in the fall

Don’t let fall stop you from maintaining a green garden. The following top ten environmentally friendly tips from The Home Depot will get your lawn and garden geared up for fall and help repair summer damage.

1. To prevent disease on your lawn rake up fallen leaves and make your own compost.

2. Seeding your lawn in the fall encourages lushness and keeps weeds out. The soil temperature and moisture from morning dew are especially important to seed germination this time of year.

3. Longer grass performs better in hot and/or dry conditions. Use a higher mower setting and save your lawn from dry patches.

4. Fertilize in early fall to help plants withstand winter. The nutrients in the fertilizer help plants lay down root reserves and contribute to re-growth when grass comes out of a long period of dormancy.

5. Plant new trees and shrubs while the ground is still warm. Stake trees that are exposed to strong winds to prevent damage.

6. A layer of mulch can help prevent weed seeds from germinating and improve a plant’s moisture retention.

7. Plant bulbs in the fall for beautiful blooms next spring. Be selective about types of plants to ensure they are best suited to your garden’s location and condition.

8. Give evergreens a lot to drink. They lose water all winter and under-watering can result in browning.

9. Cover delicate plants with burlap to act as a windbreaker in the harsher weather and prevent damage.

10. Hit The Home Depot for the right tools for fall clean-up whether it’s a rake, composter or a bag of fertilizer.

– News Canada

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