Ways To Add Variety To Your Garden

A garden is a very personal thing.  For me, I love the look of my hydrangeas amidst the roses and azaleas.  For others, it is a completely different gardening scheme.  Finding what makes you happy is part of the fun journey of gardening! Here are some ideas to make your garden unique: Container Gardening – this is great for small spaces and adding unique details to your gardening space. Shrubs – shrubs are an inexpensive way to fill space and add different heights and uniqueness to your gardening space. Trees – planting a tree is one of the best things …

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Summer games in the garden

(ARA) – The sun is shining, birds are singing, butterflies are darting from colorful flower to colorful flower … and children across the country are complaining about being bored. Eliminate this by taking advantage of the weather. Get the family outside and interact with nature. Head out to the garden toddlers in tow – or to a local park with flowers – and create a list of items to find and count. For example, ask them to find one blue object, two soft and fuzzy plants, three flowers that smell pretty and four objects that are round in shape. This …

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How to use the three Ps of decorating for an instant home and garden makeover

(ARA) – Looking for a trendy home and garden makeover that gives instant gratification and doesn’t require a lot of time and resources? The latest trends in fashion and home decorating are drawing inspiration from the bright colors and laid-back attitudes of the tropics. “Vibrant tropical colors are influencing home decor and gardens this spring and summer,” says Doug Jimerson, editor-in-chief of gardening for Better Homes and Gardens. Whether you want to makeover a deck, patio or porch, add some tropical flair by following the “three P’s” of outdoor design: plants, paint, and punch. Plants “New tropical plants are easy …

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Practical 2-for-1 solutions for gardeners

(ARA) – What gardener doesn’t find tasks like weeding and watering tiresome? To tackle recurring chores like these and more with greater ease and efficiency, consider some practical tools that offer two-in-one solutions. Watering well: For a new twist on watering, try the new Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler. It takes the usual hose-attached sprinkler experience in a different direction. The spinning head is designed to cast arcs of water up to 38 feet in diameter while atomizing water into fine droplets for more efficient water usage and more thorough soil penetration. It’s geared for use on properties with practically any …

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The Romantic Gardener: Valentine’s Gifts

Every year, well after Christmas and still a ways from Easter, there is a holiday fit into the whole scheme of things that indicates the need to purchase a few items.  It is the holiday of love and everyone makes a point to celebrate it.  I have found that even people who feel it is a useless holiday will still have a small celebration because you can’t NOT celebrate love. Right? I have never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day but I have celebrated my share of them, simply because it was expected of me.  I find now since …

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Use gravity to grow with kids

(ARA) – Gardening creates fun and learning experiences through planting and cultivating seeds for small children who are inquisitive about everything. Feed their curiosity by growing with gravity. Gardening does not have to be just a row of carrots in the garden anymore. Many of the plants we love to grow in gardens actually do very well in hanging baskets. Tomatoes are just one of these plants and their sweet, juicy fruit is a great way to introduce kids to the concept of eating their own freshly grown produce. Who does not love fresh salsa or a simple spaghetti sauce …

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What is the Quickest Growing Herb?

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs? I’ve been growing my own herbs for a few years now and it’s been so rewarding.  I started with a single-window box and grew mint, which was lovely.  But then I got ambitious and decided to grow more than one herb at once.  It turned out that basil is the easiest herb to grow indoors! It takes up very little space, requires no special equipment or soil, and can be harvested multiple times before needing to be replaced. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some flavor into your meals without …

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Have more time for football: 15-minute garden and lawn drills

Whether tailgating, playing a game of catch with the kids, cheering on your favorite team from the stands, or calling plays from the couch – fall means football. A few simple tips can keep outdoor projects from running interference on your weekend game schedule. Here are 10- to 15-minute garden and lawn drills […]

How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Have you ever noticed how expensive organic fruits and vegetables are at the grocery store? I already spend way too much when I go to Whole Foods, but if I go with the organic selections I really break the bank. I love the idea of eating organic, but not paying the price. I have thought often about starting my own organic vegetable garden.

How to Grow Your Own Ginger

I absolutely love and adore ginger! I use it weekly, if almost daily, in various recipes and drinks. One of my favorite things to do is make a sweet ginger simple syrup and use it in various teas and cocktails! Ginger is such a delicious and spicy plant. Growing your own fresh food is an excellent way of reducing grocery bills and improving family health. If you’ve never grown anything before, there’s never been a better time than now. Why not give it a try with some homegrown Asian delicacy: Ginger Root! Ginger is one of the easiest things in …

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