How to Clean your Garden Gloves in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have a pair of gardening gloves that are looking a little worse for wear? If so, we’ve got the perfect solution. We’re going to teach you how to clean your dirty old gardening gloves and why is it important to clean them. You won’t believe how easy it is. Once you know this trick, you can save yourself from having to buy another pair of gloves. This is an incredibly simple process that anyone can do at home with items found around the house! So let’s get started… You know the drill: Put on gardening gloves, and get …

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What is the Quickest Growing Herb?

Do you love cooking with fresh herbs? I’ve been growing my own herbs for a few years now and it’s been so rewarding.  I started with a single-window box and grew mint, which was lovely.  But then I got ambitious and decided to grow more than one herb at once.  It turned out that basil is the easiest herb to grow indoors! It takes up very little space, requires no special equipment or soil, and can be harvested multiple times before needing to be replaced. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some flavor into your meals without …

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Have more time for football: 15-minute garden and lawn drills

Whether tailgating, playing a game of catch with the kids, cheering on your favorite team from the stands, or calling plays from the couch – fall means football. A few simple tips can keep outdoor projects from running interference on your weekend game schedule. Here are 10- to 15-minute garden and lawn drills […]

How to Grow an Organic Vegetable Garden

Have you ever noticed how expensive organic fruits and vegetables are at the grocery store? I already spend way too much when I go to Whole Foods, but if I go with the organic selections I really break the bank. I love the idea of eating organic, but not paying the price. I have thought often about starting my own organic vegetable garden.

How to Grow Your Own Ginger

I absolutely love and adore ginger! I use it weekly, if almost daily, in various recipes and drinks. One of my favorite things to do is make a sweet ginger simple syrup and use it in various teas and cocktails! Ginger is such a delicious and spicy plant. Growing your own fresh food is an excellent way of reducing grocery bills and improving family health. If you’ve never grown anything before, there’s never been a better time than now. Why not give it a try with some homegrown Asian delicacy: Ginger Root! Ginger is one of the easiest things in …

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Top 8 Uses for Garlic

I love to go through garlic by the truckload. I find ways to include it in just about any and every savory recipe I use. I love garlic in all cuisines from Italian to Asian, to Indian. One of my favorite things to make is roasted garlic. I love, love, love it! It is so delicious. There are so many reasons why people grow their own food these days – from saving money on groceries to knowing exactly what goes into your body when you eat something. But one thing everyone agrees on is that homegrown produce tastes better than …

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Gardens are a beautiful thing, after all that is what this magazine blog is all about.  However, have you ever stopped to think about the true meaning of the word, Garden?  That is what we are here to talk about today.  The fundamental basics of a true garden. A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, […]

Frost Protection In The Garden

Winter is tough on plants, which are often exposed to hard wind, rain, and freezing temperatures, not to mention snow. Luckily, there are ways to protect the plants in your garden and yard from frost. When the temperature drops to freezing, or 32 degrees, frost damage can be minimal and only affect a leaf or two. But if the temperature continues to drop, plant cells will freeze, and nonhardy plants will die. Of course, the best way to protect your garden from frost is to only grow plants that can withstand the frost. Ask a qualified local nurseryman what plants are …

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Collecting Rain Water: Good For Your Garden & The Planet

Whether you live where it rains or where it pours, there’s a great, easy way you can conserve water for garden use. Where I live (Calif.) that’s a very big deal, as we Californians head into a third consecutive drought year. Rain “harvesting” isn’t a new concept, but let’s just say this oldie is a goodie. Collecting Water – photo by Prem Anand Whether you use a wine barrel to collect rainfall from your rooftop or recycle wastewater from household sinks, bathtubs, showers, and washing machines, you’re doing your water bill and the planet well. It’s as simple as setting …

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Tips for Apartment or Balcony Gardening!

Many people in the world are apartment dwellers.  Living in larger cities such as Los Angeles or New York City is it virtually impossible to not live in an apartment.  So, even though you may live in an apartment, like I did for the majority of my adult life so far, doesn’t mean you don’t care to garden or want a beautiful outdoor living space. So here is a great video I found on tips for growing a porch or balcony garden.  The key is utilizing pots and planters, the proper plants, and figuring out what is right for your environment and …

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