Cleveland Botanical Garden Tour

Cleveland botanic garden

The Cleveland Botanical Garden has about 20 acres to explore and is home to a variety of plant life. It’s located near Cleveland Hopkins International Airport at the corner of Mayfield Road and South Green Road. The garden houses 1,500 different species and cultivars of plants and trees. The Cleveland Botanical Garden has been around since 1930 when the Cleveland Cultural Gardens were established. If you’re looking for a way to spend a day in Cleveland, you can’t go wrong with a Cleveland Botanical Garden Tour.

While you’re there, enjoy a stroll through the Japanese Garden and spend some time in the Butterfly and Hummingbird House. This butterfly house is one of the largest free-standing Temperate Zone Butterfly Houses in North America. The Cleveland Botanical Garden is the perfect place to spend a day if you want to learn about different varieties of flowers or just enjoy some time outside.

“What to know before you go to the Cleveland Botanical Garden”

How much does it cost to go to the Cleveland Botanical garden?

The Cleveland Botanical garden is a nonprofit organization which means that they are not for profit. This comes with some benefits and one of them being cheaper ticket prices. General adult admission at the Cleveland Botanical Garden in 2021 is $15.00 Children $12.00

How long does it take to walk through the Cleveland Botanical garden?

The Cleveland Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful places that can be found in Ohio. Whenever you visit this place, you feel like entering into another world; it actually seems like there is no city outside, and all you see are plants of different kinds. The surroundings are truly captivating, but let’s get back to the topic at hand, you should allow an hour or more to really enjoy it.

Why the Cleveland Botanical garden is worth visiting

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