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Gravetye Manor
Gravetye Manor in England

Gravetye Manor is the ideal location for anyone wishing to unwind and appreciate the English countryside.

William Robinson was one of the most influential horticulturalists in England during his time. He revolutionized gardening by creating new styles and techniques that are still used today. After he passed away, Gravetye Manor became home to Tom Coward who has continued this legacy by continuing to innovate and create beautiful gardens at Gravetye Manor.

You can enjoy an afternoon tea on the terrace overlooking our famous yew maze or explore our extensive grounds which include stunning formal and informal gardens, woodland walks, ponds and streams as well as miles of immaculate lawns where you can play croquet or badminton. There is also plenty to do inside including relaxing by our open fires with a good book from our library before retiring to your room for an evening soak in your own private bathtub followed by dinner served in front of roaring log fires at The Dining Room restaurant.

Gravetye Manor is a Georgian-era country house set in parkland and woodland. It’s been home to the Durand family for over 300 years and welcomes visitors every day of the year. Discover what you need to know about this beautiful location!

What is Gravetye Manor

A charming medieval hotel nestled in over 1,000 acres of peaceful English countryside approximately 30 miles from metropolitan London. Our 17-bedroom Manor House provides a genuinely delightful stay with a stunning Michelin Star restaurant and acres of mature grounds to explore.

Brief History

Gravetye Manor was the home of William Robinson, author of “The English Flower Garden” from 1884 until his death in 1935. He commissioned architect Sir Ernest George to add a matching wing to the northeast and developed the garden into one of the most famous in England after his death.

The Elizabethan house was built in 1598 by Richard Infield, an ironmaster and was the home of his new wife Katherine Compton. It has been said that Robinson wanted Gravetye to be as far away from London as possible so he could pursue his dream of creating a formal garden. He originally called it ‘Gravelotte’ (with a ‘t’, as it were) after he had read the novel “Marie” by Theophile Gautier. Robinson’s Gravetye differed greatly from its predecessors, so much so that it is referred to as an English garden rather than an arboretum containing flowers.

Gravetye Manor was owned by William Robinson from 1884 until his death in 1935. After his death, the house and surrounding 1,000 acres (400 ha) naturally landscaped grounds were left to the Forestry Commission. They used it as a base for Canadian Army soldiers who dug out parts of Robins’s work during World War II. Today, Gravetye Manor is open to the public with over three miles (5 km) of walks, woodlands, and the formal Flower Garden.

Gravetye Manor today

The present custodian of Gravetye, Henry’s young son James Durand, was just four years old when he inherited the house and estate. He has made a remarkable recovery from his tragic loss and is committed to ensuring that Gravetye continues as a beautiful place for everyone to visit.

A Michelin Star Restaurant

Gravetye Manor is a Michelin star restaurant in Sussex, England that has 17 bedrooms. The restaurant was the former home of landscape gardener William Robinson. Restaurateur Peter Herbert became well known for Gravetye Manor’s success, having renovated the property into a 17 bedroom hotel and restoring the gardens on the estate.

The restaurant at Gravetye Manor was first awarded a Michelin star in 2008. The gardens also allow the restaurant to grow their own produce for foraging and cooking. The restaurant is able to ensure that it is as fresh as possible due to the fact that their ingredients are grown on-site.

Why visit this location

The people who visit Gravetye Manor can expect to have a great experience. Visitors are greeted by the beauty of the Georgian-era country house, which has been home to the Durand family for over 300 years. The house is also located on 8 acres of parkland and woodland, so sightseeing opportunities are readily available. There are guided tours led by knowledgeable staff that helps guests learn about the history of this beautiful location.

Visitors can also take advantage of the restaurant and tea garden. The restaurant serves fresh, seasonal food that is great for all palettes.

There are also special events throughout the year where guests can learn about gardening, cooking, and other activities. For example, in June there is a country fair themed around the life of Lady Mary Eliott who was known for her pioneering work in horticulture.

How to get there

The quickest way to get to Gravetye Manor is by car. To get there from London, take the M25 and then go south on the M23, which you will need to leave at Junction 10. Turn left at the third roundabout and follow this road for three or four miles. When you reach West Hoathly and Sharpthorne, turn left here.At the next turning on your right, you will be able to see Gravetye Manor on your right-hand side

You can also catch a train from London Victoria or from London Bridge Station. The national rail company runs trains from the two stations to East Grinstead every hour on weekdays and Saturdays, less frequently on Sundays. From East Grinstead, there is 8 minutes walk to Gravetye Manor by the road, which you can also take a taxi. If you’re driving, look for the low-lying building just before you enter town

Garden Tour

If you would like the opportunity to explore the gardens of Gravetye Manor, you can take a garden tour with one of our talented gardeners. They will show you around our English countryside and our beautiful flower garden and kitchen garden, where our homegrown produce starts its remarkable journey. Tours are tailored to suit all ages and there is a wide variety of times available for booking throughout the day.

Things to do in the area


Gravetye Manor is a beautiful place for a walk. Go along the footpaths and enjoy the scenery.

Bath Treatments

There are a number of spa treatments available at the spa on-site. You can have a facial, massage, or beauty treatment.


Enjoy an afternoon of croquet with your family and friends in the garden of Gravetye Manor.

Glastonbury Opera Festival

Visit next year’s Glastonbury Opera Festival which will be held at Glastonbury Abbey from June 18 to 25, 2012.

Antiques Fairs

If you’re looking for some fascinating antiques then visit one of the four antique fairs that are located near Gravetye Manor.


If you enjoy playing golf then play at the nearby Gaddesden Place Golf Club which is just a five-minute drive away.


Enjoy clay shooting at the on-site clay ground of Gravetye Manor.

Goodwood Racing

Visit the Goodwood Motor Circuit and race in some of the most spectacular events in the world.


If you enjoy playing polo then play at Sherborne Polo Club which is located just a short drive away from Gravetye Manor.


Take part in horse shows, international dressage and stunt show jumping at Hickstead Equestrian Centre which is only a five-minute drive away from Gravetye Manor.

How to contact them

You can contact Gravetye Manor at Tel: 01342 810 567 or Fax: 01342 810 080. You can also reach them by email at [email protected]


Gravetye Manor is a beautiful place to explore, with acres of parkland and woodland. The staff are knowledgeable about the history of this location and there are guided tours available for guests who want to learn more. Guests can enjoy fresh seasonal food at Gravetye Manor’s restaurant or participate in one of their special events throughout the year that will teach gardening skills or cookery lessons among other things. Whether you’re looking for something new to do on your holiday break or if you’re interested in booking an event here, Gravetye Manor should be added to your list of places worth visiting!

Gravetye Manor English Garden

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