Growing Strawberries Tips & Tricks

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I absolutely love strawberries! This juicy little berry is so wonderful in all kinds of foods. I love to enjoy strawberries that have been macerated in balsamic vinegar, served on top of vanilla ice cream. The combination of the tart strawberries with the creamy vanilla ice cream is dreamy.

So, with my addiction to strawberries in full force, I decided to grow my very own strawberries! Growing strawberries in a container is a great way to keep them away from predators, and growing them in groups of at least three will help them grow into a healthy bunch. This is also perfect for apartment dwellers, or homeowners that have dogs. Personally, I love strawberries, but I also love my dogs who would love to eat those strawberries, so I believe growing them in a planter or container is the best way to go for me!

In this video, she talks about how to plant the strawberry plants and when you can expect those berries to sprout!

HOW to PLANT and GROW STRAWBERRIES, plus TIPS for growing strawberries in HOT CLIMATES

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