Hidcote Manor Gardens

Hidcote Manor Gardens
Hidcote Manor Gardens

Hidcote Manor Gardens should be on your radar if you’re seeking a truly unique garden.

Major Lawrence Johnston was an American who fell in love with the English countryside and decided to create his own garden. He spent decades creating this beautiful space, which has been called “the finest example of Arts & Crafts gardening in England” by Alan Titchmarsh himself. It is a place where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature while also feeling like they are stepping back into history.

There are so many things to do here. Whether you want to take a stroll through the rose garden or sit down with your favorite book under an oak tree, there’s something for everyone at this gorgeous location. It really is like stepping into another world where nothing else exists except nature itself.

Hidcote Manor Garden is one of the most famous gardens in the world. This garden has been used as a backdrop for many TV shows and movies, and it’s no wonder- this amazing place is truly breathtaking! The lush hills, rolling fields, and beautiful lakes add to its charm. Located on a private estate in Gloucestershire, England, this garden was created by Lawrence Johnston who lived from 1867 to 1959. He designed the garden over 50 years ago with only three goals: beauty without ostentation; simplicity without barrenness; and an interest for everyone at every moment of the day – all while respecting nature’s power and limits.

What is Hidcote Manor Garden

Hidcote is a garden that was designed by the American horticulturist, Major Lawrence Johnston, and his designs for Hidcote Garden in Worcestershire, England were executed by Gertrude Jekyll. The impression of this garden is that of a small village containing many picturesque cottages. All the rooms are connected by many winding paths. The garden is one of the Five Garden Tour of England, along with Cambridge (Wills), Stourhead, Hidcote, and Sissinghurst.

The construction of this garden began in 1913 and finished in 1930. The focal point is a grass court of paths and beds filled with colorful flowers. The first thing that stands out about this garden is that it differs from other English gardens because of its use of color, the abundance of variety, and the large number of paths made from bricks. It is an enchanting earthly paradise that has given the name to the town of Hidcote Bartrim, situated in Gloucestershire.

Hidcote’s design was inspired by Jekyll’s book “Wood and Garden” (1912). Major Johnston had visited Jekyll at Munstead Wood several times before moving to Hidcote Manor in 1912. Hidcote’s design was inspired by Jekyll’s book “Wood and Garden” (1912).

Who lived at Hidcote?

The Johnston family lived at Hidcote. Lawrence Johnston and his mother, Mrs Gertrude Winthrop (she had re-married), purchased the Hidcote Manor Estate. Mr. Johnston became a British citizen and fought in the Boer War for the British army. In 1907, Mrs. Winthrop purchased the Hidcote Manor Estate after she went through a couple of other properties which were less to her taste. She also gave her son some land to build a house here.

The new owner

Hidcote is now under the stewardship of the National Trust and they have been able to turn it into a beautiful and enjoyable garden. The National Trust’s management policy has been to return Hidcote as close to a representation as possible of how it would have been in its heyday of the 1930s. One of the biggest changes that they made was to remove all the trees from around the lake.

The National Trust has also been working on some other projects as well. They’ve created a huge area for planting, which includes a herb garden, a collection of flowering shrubs, and an orchard with over 45 varieties of apple trees. There are still many more projects that will involve volunteers and there is also a lot of other things that they hope to accomplish in the future. There are still many more projects that will involve volunteers and there is also a lot of other things that they hope to accomplish in the future.

Why should you visit this garden?

Visiting Hidcote Manor Garden is a great experience for any traveler. The enchanting outdoor ‘rooms’ full of surprises are sure to soothe one’s senses with their bright colors and intricately designed layout. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of this garden by exploring the maze of narrow paved pathways.

Visitors to this garden should be careful not to miss out on its secret gardens, magnificent vistas, and plants that burst with color because of Hidcote’s design. Many of the plants found growing in the garden were collected from Johnston’s many plant hunting trips to faraway places.

Visitors to the garden will also be able to enjoy views of Shakespearian landmarks like Holy Trinity church and Charlecote Park.

Is the house at Hidcote open?

Between November and February, Hidcote is open on weekends from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. One hour before the gardens close, the last entry is allowed. The Chapel Secondhand Bookshop, the Garden, and the Shop remain open until 4 p.m., but Winthrop’s Café and the Visitor Reception close at 3 p.m.

How much is the entry fee?

The entrance fees are the following: Under gift aid, £9.90 for adult, £4.95 for the child, £24.75 for family, and £14.85 for 1 adult and up to 3 children. Under the standard, the adult is only £9.00, £4.50 for a child, £22.50 for family, and £13.50 for 1 adult and up to 3 children.

The way to the garden

Hidcote is located in the north Cotswolds, close to Stratford-upon-Avon. It’s just a stone’s throw away.

You can visit Hidcote Manor Garden by driving for just over an hour from Birmingham. But, if you are planning to take public transport, there is a bus stop at Hidcote Bartrim. Although, Taxi would be the most recommended one.

Open Facilities

The Chapel Secondhand Bookshop, Winthrop’s Café, Shop, Toilets (Courtyard only), and the Garden are all open. Winthrop’s Café will offer a light menu of hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, pastries, and other small bites.  The Gardeners Courtyard facilities are open, but the Plant Centre restrooms are closed for renovations. Some portions of the garden, such as the Old Garden, Ferndale, and Mrs. Winthrop’s Garden, have a one-way route.

What is Hidcote famous for?

Only service dogs are allowed in the Courtyards and Gardens at Hidcote. However, dogs are welcome in the Plant Centre and Barn Cafe and there are a number of countrysides walks taken in the surrounding area. This is a great help for the farming landscapes that may have livestock in it.


If you’re looking for a place to visit that is enchanting, calming, and full of surprises then Hidcote Manor Garden should be your destination. It’s close enough to London to make it possible as an easy day trip but far away enough from the city to offer visitors some tranquility in this busy world we live in now. The tranquil outdoor rooms with their carefully designed layout will soothe any traveler who visits and if all else fails, there are plenty of countries walks nearby where dogs are welcome too!

A Walk Through Hidcote Manor Gardens

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