Create a tropic escape in your own backyard

Tropic Escape in the Backyard
Tropic Escape in the Backyard

(ARA) – Yearning to escape to a tropical paradise? This spring, look no further than your own backyard to capture the romance of the tropics and create a sense of optimism to lift your spirits.

“People are craving vibrant colors to add energy and excitement to their outdoor spaces,” says James Farmer III, a hip, young trendsetter, and professional landscape designer. “It’s simple to add tropical flair and recreate your favorite dream vacation with the right plants – and few plants say ‘tropics’ as clearly as the hibiscus.”

This spring you easily can transform your patio, deck, porch or balcony into a tropical oasis with the new Tropic Escape Hibiscus Collection from Costa Farms.

The new flamboyant hibiscus collection comes in 12 varieties with big, showy blooms in tropical colors of yellows, reds, and oranges. All are easy to grow and bloom twice as long as traditional hibiscus.

The eye-popping flowers feature oversized blooms ranging from 7 inches to 9 inches, with some the size as dinner plates and others with double flowers. Many are two-toned to give an extra punch.

Whether grown in a container or in the garden bed, Tropic Escape Hibiscus will reward you with show-stopping blooms all season long.

Blooms with a boom. Bold color is showing up in fashion, home decor, and in the garden.

Tropical colors are “in,” this year says the Pantone Color Institute, which named Tangerine Tango the color of the year for its “spirited reddish-orange that provides energy to boost our batteries and recharge.”

Trendy gardens are wearing this orangey hue this spring in petal form. Try Tropic Escape “Tiki Temptation” or “Mandarin Mojito” to infuse this vivacious color on your patio, deck, or balcony.

Punch it up. For immediate impact, add flower color at all levels. Tropic Escape Hibiscus grows great in the ground or in large containers. The frilly flowers work in any setting, from decorating containers for your outdoor festivities to accenting your backyard garden.

“Hibiscus is perfect for sprucing up your outdoor space for a big party or small intimate gathering,” says Farmer. “They’re versatile and look great as a centerpiece and can even be used for garnishes for salads, decorating dishes or making your own tea.”

Plant and go. Easy to grow hibiscus thrive in sunny locations and grow like crazy in summer’s heat and humidity. Keep the soil consistently moist and fertilize every one to two months.

Tropic Escape hibiscus is must-have for the hibiscus collectors as well as for those with brown thumbs. They are easy to overwinter indoors if you want to replant and enjoy them next spring.

Farmer adds, “Think of hibiscus as your ticket to paradise. It’s a state of mind, a destination that lets you transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat or an island paradise that’s perfect for entertaining.”

For more care information, visit and check out the video tips here.

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Tropic Escape Garden Ideas in the Backyard

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