Natural Gardening 101 – How to grow greener without pesticides

Natural Gardening Without Pesticides
Natural Gardening Without Pesticides

Come Spring 2009, cosmetic-use pesticides will be banned for sale or use on Ontario’s lawns and gardens. So, what do you do to ensure you aren’t overtaken by pesky weeds and insects? There are some good choices that can help you keep your garden green without harming the environment. Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment offers these tips for pesticide-free lawn and garden care.

Feed your soil. Healthy soil is the key to hardy, pest-free plants. Spread compost on your garden beds and use natural, organic fertilizer on your lawn in the fall.

Discover the magic of mulching. A thick layer of mulch not only keeps weeds down, it retains moisture and adds nutrients as it slowly decomposes. There are a variety of mulches you can use; from bark to wood chips, pine cones, and leaves.

Combat weeds the natural way. Use a weed fork to pluck weeds as they appear, or pour boiling water on individual weeds before they seed. If your lawn is heavily infested with weeds or grubs, consider covering the whole area under a thick layer of mulch for the summer and reseed in the fall.

Choose native plants. Native species are better adapted to local climate and soil conditions and they’ll need less coddling to do well in your garden.

How to Control Garden Pests Without Using Pesticides

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