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Herbs (Illicium verum)

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Herbs (Illicium verum)

When is the best time of the year to plant Herbs

Where in the Garden Should You Plant Herbs

How Often Should I Watering Herbs

When and How to Harvest Herbs

Different Ways to Store Herbs

Other things of interest about Herbs

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Conclusion: Now you have a better idea of how to grow Herbs you can


  • - **Sturdy Construction**: The use of fiberglass poles and steel uprights offer extra strength and stability.
  • **Space Optimization**: The sewn-in wall divider allows for two separate rooms, providing more organized living space.
  • **Weather Protection**: The factory-sealed fly, weatherproof fly buckles, and PE tub-style floor provide excellent protection against various weather conditions.


  • **Weight**: Weighing 30 lbs. 4 oz., it is not the lightest option available, which could make it less suitable for backpacking or long-distance hiking.
  • **Bulkiness**: The dimensions of the tent suggest that it may not be suitable for very compact camping sites.
  • **Imported**: If you prefer products made locally (for example, for environmental or economic reasons), the fact that this product is imported could be seen as a downside.
How to Grow Herbs From Seeds

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