Garden Gnome

Garden Gnome
Garden Gnome

Many people, like myself, are fascinated with the adorable little statues known as garden gnomes.  I was first enchanted by them after watching the sweet and charming movie Amelie. A garden gnome or lawn gnome is a figurine of a small humanoid creature, usually wearing a pointy hat, produced for the purpose of ornamentation and protection from evil sorcery, typically of gardens or on lawns.

Garden gnomes are readily available at all kinds of home and gardening shops and these adorable figurines range drastically in prices.  These figurines originate in 19th century Germany, where they became known as Gartenzwerg (literally “garden dwarf”).  Whatever they are called, they add a lovely addition to any garden.

Although these garden figures are quite adorable, they are often the target of pranks! The act of taking the gnome and returning it to the wild is known collectively as “gnoming”.  No gnoming for me, just enjoying these adorable statues.

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Garden Gnomes

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