How To Make An Egg Shell Flower Pot

Herbs growing in eggshells

Apparently, there is a whole phenomenon with growing plants, herbs, and flowers in eggshells. It makes sense but it was something I have never seen or come across. I do love the idea of it though, and think they’re just so cute! Not only cute though, a great economical way to grow plants and flowers, but that is also recycling something that is usually tossed in the trash or compost.

In this video, the host shows us how to make a simple eggshell into an adorable little flower pot. You simply start by cracking the egg and washing it out. After that, you take a combination of water, vinegar, and food color and mix it in a bowl. After you do that you add the shells to the liquid until the desired level of color is achieved. After that dry the egg on a paper towel. Next, you place some dirt in the egg and clip a few small flowers to place in the dirt.

The result is absolutely adorable! Check out the how-to video below:

Eggshell Planters, Gardening with Kids!

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