Sacramento Home & Garden Show

Locals take note–this weekend is the Sacramento Home & Garden Show at Cal Expo. The show runs from March 6 through 8, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Door Prizes include: Tickets to California Musical Theatre: Frost/Nixon Gift Certificate to Cabo’s Mexican Restaurant Two  Tickets to Fleetwood Mac Concert & Dinner for Two Two  Tickets to Fight Night at the Red Lion Gift Certificate to Café Ettore Gift Certificate to Brew It Up Plus, lots of great vendors. For more information, click here.

Garden Gnome

Many people, like myself, are fascinated with the adorable little statues known as garden gnomes.  I was first enchanted by them after watching the sweet and charming movie Amelie. A garden gnome or lawn gnome is a figurine of a small humanoid creature, usually wearing a pointy hat, produced for the purpose of ornamentation and protection from evil sorcery, typically of gardens or on lawns. Garden gnomes are readily available at all kinds of home and gardening shops and these adorable figurines range drastically in prices.  These figurines originate in 19th century Germany, where they became known as Gartenzwerg (literally “garden dwarf”).  Whatever they are called, they add a lovely …

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Top ten tips for ‘greener’ garden maintenance

Don’t let fall stop you from maintaining a green garden. The following top ten environmentally friendly tips from The Home Depot will get your lawn and garden geared up for fall and help repair summer damage. 1. To prevent disease on your lawn rake up fallen leaves and make your own compost. 2. Seeding your lawn in the fall encourages lushness and keeps weeds out. The soil temperature and moisture from morning dew are especially important to seed germination this time of year. 3. Longer grass performs better in hot and/or dry conditions. Use a higher mower setting and save …

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Fall Gardening Roundup

As fall fast approaches this year’s end, it’s time to start finishing up any autumn gardening – that is, if it’s still warm enough to even think about gardening in your area.  As for me, I’m in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area where it’s been in the 70′s for all of November this year. If you’re looking for some great last-minute fall gardening tips, check out our favorite fall gardening tips: Instead of using solar lights, add a more unique touch with this Cool Idea: Lighting the Dark Garden. Are those vegetables ripe for the pickin’?  Learn How to make the most of your …

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Flower Gardening Tips: How to Grow Pansy/Viola (Viola)

Some of my favorite flowers are the Pansy flowers. The pansy, viola, or violet is a plant that is found in almost every continent, except for Antarctica. Grow violets in the sun or shade with these simple instructions on plant care. I love that my beautiful Pansies come back year after year. They are such a sturdy flower that is anything but “a pansy”. Typically, when we hear pansy we think weak. This flower is anything but that. Also, whenever I see Pansies I always think of Alice in Wonderland with the garden scene and “You can learn a lot of things …

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8 Tips for Successful Container Gardening

Introduction Container gardening is a great idea for city dwellers or anyone who doesn’t have a green thumb. You can get started with these basic tips to help you get the most out of this experience. Keep in mind that container gardening isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, but if you give it time and attention, it will pay off! In order to keep your plants healthy, you’ll need to add nutrients and water them on a regular basis. It’s also important to pick containers that are appropriately sized for your plants so they don’t have too much space …

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What are some benefits of miniature gardening?

Intro It’s been said that a garden can be therapeutic. Whether or not you believe in the idea of gardening as therapy, it is undeniable that miniature gardens provide a great way to get into nature and take care of something without taking up too much space. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s hard to kill off your miniature garden! It doesn’t take up much space and can brighten up any cubicle at work or even be used as home decor. Not only that but creating miniature gardens has become easier than ever with the growth of …

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Growing Strawberries Tips & Tricks

I absolutely love strawberries! This juicy little berry is so wonderful in all kinds of foods. I love to enjoy strawberries that have been macerated in balsamic vinegar, served on top of vanilla ice cream. The combination of the tart strawberries with the creamy vanilla ice cream is dreamy. So, with my addiction to strawberries in full force, I decided to grow my very own strawberries! Growing strawberries in a container is a great way to keep them away from predators, and growing them in groups of at least three will help them grow into a healthy bunch. This is …

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How to Grow Garlic Indoors

I absolutely love garlic and can never eat too much of it. I find that garlic is a very fundamental base in creating delicious dishes! It is also quite good for you. Garlic is a species of onion and its close relatives are onion, shallot, leek, and chive. These are pretty much all of my […]

How To Make An Egg Shell Flower Pot

Apparently, there is a whole phenomenon with growing plants, herbs, and flowers in eggshells. It makes sense but it was something I have never seen or come across. I do love the idea of it though, and think they’re just so cute! Not only cute though, a great economical way to grow plants and flowers, but that is also recycling something that is usually tossed in the trash or compost. In this video, the host shows us how to make a simple eggshell into an adorable little flower pot. You simply start by cracking the egg and washing it out. …

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